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For our dear Customers

What exactly is it that a prospective purchaser wants from his or her watch, be it the only one they ever buy or, as with most of our customers, an addition to a growing collection?Are they attracted by a reputation for accuracy and reliability, a legacy of mechanical landmarks, an eye-popping design or a display of technological ingenuity?

Given that all watches tell the time, what makes one model stand out from another? And in an age when the correct time is available from an array of different sources, why do we still wear watches and will we always continue to do so?

Will the wristwatch, like the telephone, evolve and develop other uses in order to survive? What is the future of the mechanical watch in the wake of the quartz revolution? How do the pioneering efforts of historys great watchmakers impinge on todays novelty-hungry public?

And when you invest thousands of dollars in one small, functional adornment, what is that you are actually paying for?

What is that makes a design appealing? That makes you want to own the watch and gives you satisfaction just from looking at it?

There are many qualities that go into an outstanding design, but we think that the most important one is the vision. This is not to say that there is only one correct vision, instead, each brand is true to its own vision, its own values.

We dedicate ourselves to help our customers to find their own vision and, as a result, to locate the watch perfect for them. And when you know exactly what you want, we will give you the best price, so you would be a 100% satisfied.

We are working directly with few US; European and Asian authorized dealers of most recognizable and desirable brands in watch making industry. Although we have a retail location in Brooklyn, NY, we do most of our watch business on the Internet, so expenses are very low, which gives us the opportunity to have unbeatable prices. It also allows us to find practically any watch you might possibly want, so just ask .